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The company name is inspired by Jasvir's 3 daughters Kiran, Jasmin & Anita

Need some floral inspiration? Check out each of their bio's and see whose floral style best suits you! 


Which style are you? Are you a K, J or A?

Kiran's Floral Style

Kiran describes her style as someone who is a mix between traditional and eclectic. She isn't one to blend her styles, she likes to keep it simple. Kiran loves earthy tones in the fall and bright colours such as hot pink and purple in the summer. Kiran likes following trends and getting inspiration from others to create her own unique style. Some of her favourite flowers include tulips, carnations and roses.

Jasmin's Floral Style


Jasmin's style is a fusion of traditional meets modern. She loves summer and winter looks. Her favourite flowers include the classic red roses, marigolds and carnations. She loves the simplicity of pure white arrangement's during the colder seasons and bright colours during the warmer seasons. Jasmin is very creative and is all about the fine details. She loves taking her ideas to the next level by adding that little extra finishing touch. When it comes to flowers Jasmin prefers to keep it simple but with a glamourous appearance. 


Anita's Floral Style

Anita's floral style is a mixture of modern meets fearless. She loves to take risks with her ideas by mixing unusual colors together to make something different which makes people go wow. Anita loves vibrant pops of colours, such as red, purple, pink, blue and orange. She likes to think out of the box and push the boundaries when it comes to flowers. Her favourite flowers include gerberas, carnations, hydrangeas and birds of paradise. Anita isn't one to follow trends, she likes to make her own style to stand out from others. 


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